Fighting Disease with Food

Fighting Disease with Food

Fighting Disease With Food contains:

  • 10 simple lifestyle guidelines
  • Natural food groups that will help you optimize your health
  • Which foods that will help you fight specific disease based on recent scientific research
  • Healthy tips to keep you encouraged and motivated

Fighting Food With  Disease  Is  written in easy   to   understand,  everyday   language.   It   will   give   you  the   knowledge you  need to help you  take  control  of  your   life.   It   contain information  on  topics  such  as  Acne,  ADHD,   Alzheimer’s   Disease,   Bronchitis, Cancer,   Candidiasis,   Eczema,  Fibromyalgia, Hepatitis,   Lupus, Obesity, Parkinson’s Disease,  Shingles, Stroke and more. Start out on  the  path to feeling vibrantly healthy again.


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